Terms and Conditions

By mutual agreement between Naturland and our clients, from now on, we establish the following terms:

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is mandatory for all passengers to wear, use mask covers WHILE TRAVELING IN THE VEHICLE. The client who does not comply with this measure will not be able to take the tour and there will be no money refund.

We are intermediaries between the Clients and the Service Providers Companies in Costa Rica such as; Hotels, Restaurants, Maritime, Land and Air Transportation, we will not run with the personal commitment for delays, insufficiency, accidents or any other anomaly that may occur at the time of the services offered.

1 All our service providers have insurance policies, therefore, any accident claim must be made directly with the requested tour operator.

2 All rates are expressed in US dollars.

3) We will provide the best services and prices in the market to our clients, always offering the best quality.

4) For groups, the services requested by “The Client” may vary if notice is given 30 days prior to the group’s arrival date in Costa Rica.

Important: All information is kept confidential


Requesting a reservation is very easy, in each tour of our website you will see an option that says Book this tour or Book Here. All you have to do is fill out the form and we will contact you to formalize the reservation and arrange the payment method that suits you best. Because we offer daily tours. There are no conditions, I will know the time in advance to make a reservation, almost all tours require a minimum of 2 passengers to operate; The client will be informed immediately if we do not have the minimum number of people required to operate the tour. In this case, if the client agrees we will put him/her on a waiting list while the tour opens Yes, you would like to book a last minute tour. Please contact us for assistance.
Next email address:
info@naturland.com or call us from the USA & CANADA at: +506 6160 1050

For groups: Tour Operators request 25% of the total amount invoiced 45 days prior to the group’s arrival date, final payment 30 days prior to the group’s arrival date.

Once the group is in Costa Rica, any additional costs must be paid before the group’s departure. Any bank commissions must. Any bank charges must be covered by the client. You can pay by credit or debit card (Visa and Master Card). Once the reservation is confirmed for the date previously chosen by the client. We will send you a link via Email or WhatsApp, so that. You can pay online with 3D Security. Requested by VISA and MASTER CARD brands and backed by Banco Nacional de Costa Rica.

Through Bank Deposit to the account that we will send you once we have confirmed if the requested tour is available. In some cases the client can pay the day of the tour. Contact us for more information. All tours must be prepaid. We do not accept payments made by third parties, payment must be made by someone who will be doing the tour. Please note that service is not guaranteed until full payment is received.

Reservations will be guaranteed once the client makes the payment. We will be in charge of monitoring the entire tour with our suppliers.

Consequently, any cancellation made 72 hours before the tour, the client will have a 100% refund.

Cancellations made between 72 and 48 hours before the tour date, we will refund the client, deducting 5% for bank and administrative expenses incurred in the payment process, which will be deducted from the total amount paid by the client.

It is important that the client understands that any cancellation made with LESS THAN 48 HOURS will incur a penalty of 100% unavoidable, therefore, there will be NO REFUND.

However, it is worth mentioning that if the cancellation is, on our part, due to Force Majeure, such as landslides or bad weather, the client will receive 100% of the refund.

If a client books a Combo Tour, but then does not wish to enjoy any of the activities offered in the package, we will not refund the money for a decision made by the client at the last minute.

Please be punctual with the agreed pick-up time. If the client does not show up at the agreed date, place and time; no refund will be made. Groups of 10 pax and up: 15 days before: 100% refund, from 14 to 10 days: 75% refund from 9 to 7 days: 50% refund, less than 7 days: NO REFUNDS, NO SHOWS = No refund, 100% cancellation fee. Please be punctual with the agreed pick up time. If the client does not show up at the agreed date, place and time, there is no refund.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If Naturland must make a refund to a customer in the cases described above, it will be only and exclusively to the SAME CREDIT or DEBIT CARD with which the customer paid for the tour. No refund will be made to any other account or card.


Any cancellation of a Shared Transport booking less than 72 hours before the departure date agreed with the client, including last minute bookings (services booked within 48 hours), will be charged 100%. RESERVATION MODIFICATIONS. Any reservation modification notified more than 48 hours prior to departure date = NO modification fee. Notice of date modification less than 48 hours prior to departure will be penalized according to cancellation policies.


All CANCELLATIONS OR MODIFICATIONS must be submitted in writing. To Email electrónico:info@naturland.com.Only a Naturland representative can cancel a reservation and will notify the customer by EMAIL.

Safety Policies: In order to make your trips more enjoyable and safe we would like to inform you about our safety policy.

We reserve the right to cancel any trip due to unsafe conditions and will only conduct a tour in accordance with the Company’s established policies. A full refund is given if no tour is conducted. For reasons beyond our control (weather, river levels, etc.).

Rafting, zip-lining, canyoneering and many other adventures involve some inherent risk and physical exertion, so you must be in good physical condition without recent surgery, heart condition, pregnancy, disability or injury. If you take medications, such as allergy pills, and need them with you or have other medical concerns, please inform the guide.

Costa Rica’s natural environment is full of insects, snakes, crocodiles and other wildlife. In addition, landslides, rock falls and flash floods are possible.

We are not responsible for any of the above. Each tour operator we work with has its own accident insurance. Please contact us if you have any concerns in this regard.

We may cancel the tour for any client who is deemed unfit to go on a tour for their own safety. and/or the safety of the clients and guides. Clients must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

We recommend closed shoes for hiking, horseback riding, zip lining and canyoning. Do not bring valuables on the tours such as jewelry, passports, etc.

Note: We are not responsible for lost, broken or stolen items, the protection of all personal items is the responsibility of the client.

By making payment for any service, participants agree to accept the above terms and conditions. No person other than an official written document (by Narturland), is authorized to waive or alter any conditions with the above!


Any reservation modification notified more than 48 hours prior to departure date = NO modification fee. Notice of date modification less than 48 hours prior to departure will be penalized according to cancellation policies.